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The March 22nd Teacher Career Conference will focus on building your dream career. Whether you are looking for your first teaching job, looking to make extra money outside the classroom or you are interested in transitioning out of the classroom, we have a line up of experts to provide guidance and advice to help you build an actionable plan. We will have virtual, online sessions (exactly like the New Year Reboot conference) in the following three categories:

  • Getting Your First Teaching Job

  • Becoming a Successful Entrepreneur

  • Changing Careers/Transitioning out of the Classroom.

Join us for a two-week virtual online conference focused on Teacher Career Growth. The virtual conference will open on March 22nd at 9 am CT. All sessions will remain open until April 7th at 9pm CT. You can watch the on-demand sessions at any time of day. Watch a few or watch them all!


Join us for the Teacher New Year Reboot FREE virtual conference. The conference is a free event focusing on teacher health, wellness and career growth. All conference sessions will be open on January 3rd at 8 am CT and will remain open until January 5th at 5 pm CT. Presenters will provide 10-20 minutes sessions on wellness topics focused specifically for teachers, by teachers. As an attendee you will be able to attend one session or all sessions, right from the comfort of your home.

Missed the conference? Want more time to view the sessions? Purchase a $20 All-Access Pass here.

Classroom to Boardroom was written because of the high demand from teachers to learn more about part-time and full-time opportunities outside of the classroom. During this course, you will understand the corporate structure and the types of roles in education companies, gain a system to analyze job descriptions to gain insight into jobs that are “best-fit” for your skill-set, boost your confidence in your potential to interview and land a job outside the classroom and gain access to an invaluable Facebook group community where you will have access to job postings live feedback sessions and resume tools

Imagine a world where you could binge watch Netflix (guilt-free) on a Saturday afternoon, confidently knowing you will tackle your large to-do list with zest on Sunday.  How would it feel to enter 2019 with a plan to take care of everyone in your life AND also take care of yourself?

2019 can be your best year ever and I have a proven step-by-step plan to get you there. Start by building a base calendar for 2019 and move to a complete (yet fun) inventory of your home. Once you have an organized list of your calendar and your home life, we will dive into the people that matter to you most and develop a plan so that you see more of the people that make you feel great and less of the people that bring you down.  We will wrap up with fitting your own personal and professional goals into your 2019 plan and then translate the entire plan into your real-life calendar.

Teacher Summer Reboot will hold you accountable for making the most of your summer while ensuring you are on track to meet your goals for the next school year. This self-paced, online course will remind of you the importance of self-care (inside and outside of the classroom), push you to take new risks in your classroom, help you reboot your relationships with parents, administrators and most importantly your students.