Through the e2e podcast, we shine a light on incredible teaching and learning, share methods and inspire through stories. Our featured guests include top-notch teachers, principals, CEOs, authors and experts in various fields related to education.

Carrie does an excellent job of finding inspiring educators for this show. I really appreciate the choices she’s made thus far and I am excited to see who she brings on the air for future episodes. The format is great with 3 main questions that allow for some additional side questions, but a very focused show. I recommend it to educators all of the time.
— Derek Larson
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Publishing a Children’s Book with Literary Agent Paul Rodeen

Have you ever dreamed of publishing a children's book? This episode is for you! Hear from Paul Rodeen, president of Rodeen Literary Agency, as he explains what it takes to be a children's author. Paul represents artists Peter Brown, Ryan Higgins and Victoria Jamieson and many more!

Football, Farming and Teaching: Controlling the Controllable

Dan Jones, a Fearless Mind Coach and entrepreneur, joins educators 2 educators podcast to discuss football, farming and teaching. Dan has coached professional athletes and business leaders and recently sold his company Vanilla.

Beginning of the Year Organization

Learn tips for classroom organization from one of the best, The Simply Organized Teacher, Kelly Jackson.

Co-teaching with a Diverse Learner teacher

Kristine Garcia joins the podcast to discuss our years of co-teaching together. We discuss how to start the year off strong, building trust and various models you can use in a co-teaching environment.

Student-Led conferences

Heather Campbell, 4th Grade Teacher, from Utah, discusses the power of Student-Led Conferences in her classroom.

Socializing girls in the classroom

Nikki Nigl, accountability coach, joins e2e to discuss the ABC's in which Woman and Girls are Socialized. This episode will help you create a classroom which encourages girls to speak up and act with confidence.

Entrepreneurship in the Classroom

Katy Lynch, Co-Founder, and Chief Marketing Officer, Codeverse, joins me to discuss Entrepreneurship in the Classroom. Katy shares three skills of entrepreneurship that we can bring to the classroom: not being afraid to fail, taking risks/trusting your gut, and being open to learning new things. 

Teaching english learners

Lesley Baxter has taught English Learners in the Elementary Classroom for over 10 years in both Chicago Public Schools and Metro Nashville Public Schools. In this episode, we discuss 3 ways to help English Learners feel confident in the classroom including using morning meeting to build a comfortable learning environment, academic conversations to build language skills, and vocabulary overload for EL students in the classroom. 

Instagram teacher superstars: How to build a community on instagram

Seven Instagram teacher superstars join the podcast to give advice on how to create and grow a teacher Instagram account. Learn how Instagram creates a community of learners for teachers from around the country and the world!

Digital Citizenship

Mary Jo Madda, creative strategy manager at Google, joins Educators 2 Educators podcast to discuss practical tips and tools to bring digital citizenship lessons into the classroom. 

creating Media for the Classroom

Meet Kevin Cornell, aka "Mister C", an Educational Consultant, Ohio PBS Digital Innovator, Creator and Host of Full STEAM Ahead (presenting station: ThinkTV - PBS), and CEO Mister C as he discussed creating media in the classroom.

Resilience in Children

Dr. Sarita Bhakuni, psychologist, joins e2e to discuss Resilience in Children. We cover the topics of reality testing, stress management and the importance of social networks.

Empathy and sympathy in the classroom

Apryl Riley, Program Director, Mentoring and Induction, at Illinois State University's Chicago Teacher Education Pipeline joins e2e to discuss Empathy and Sympathy in the classroom. We discuss three concepts within the topic: putting a story to each face in your classroom, being a community teacher, and bringing the community into your school. 

Students Experiencing Homelessness

Kelly Coker, Vice President of Programs at School on Wheels in Indianapolis, joins the podcast to discuss 3 important topics for educators on the topic of students experiencing homelessness: Who Is homeless, Understanding the impact of homelessness and what you can do as an educator to support students who are experiences homelessness.

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Project-Based and Museum Learning

Lorie Lamb, a veteran teacher from Ohio, discusses her love of project-based and museum learning. 

Tasks Before Apps

Dr. Monica Burns joins e2e to discuss her new book, Tasks Before Apps: Designing Rigorous Learning in a Tech-Rich Classroom. We chat about creation, curiosity, and collaboration.

Trust in Schools

Dr. Gwyn Kram, a principal, joins me to discuss her research on building trust in schools. We discuss building trust with student, teachers, and parents. 

Flexible Learning Spaces

Are you thinking of creating flexible learning spaces in your classroom? Take a listen to  Jessica Good discuss her transformation from traditional seating to flexible learning spaces. Also, Carrie reflects on the early success of e2e and her goal for shining a spotlight on incredible educators throughout the nation.

Beginning of the year advice

Carrie welcomes Kelly Ewen, her mentor teacher, to discuss getting the year off the right start. Maria, her  sister and brand new teacher, joins us to ask pressing questions following her first week in the classroom. We cover classroom management, taking things slow, wait time and the difference between discipline and management.

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