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e2e’s mission is to support teachers, principals and district leadership as they collaborate, plan, and grow. Carrie Conover, e2e founder, consults with schools and school districts to identify gaps in curriculum and instructional practice, audit digital software and tools, optimize spending and student growth, and inspire teachers and administrators.

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Case Study:

Walt Disney Magnet School, Chicago, IL

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The Walt Disney Magnet School in Chicago, Ill., intertwines arts and technology to fully support student creativity and expression. This makes cutting edge educational technology and supporting digital assets top priorities for the school.

When Dr. Kathleen Hagstrom, Principal, Walt Disney Magnet School, was evaluating the school’s technology, she hired e2e to help. Dr. Hagstrom had known Carrie Conover, Founder of e2e, for years and understood the value her experience would bring to the table.

“Carrie met with teachers, conducted focus groups and ultimately delivered an incredibly valuable assessment of our technology implementation,” said   Dr. Hagstrom.

 e2e’s rigorous review of the school’s educational technology products provided Dr. Hagstrom with a full analysis of the resources being used within the school, outlining products that were working well, being underutilized or no longer needed. e2e also provided recommendations on new technology or software that should be acquired.

“Carrie has her finger on the pulse of teachers, teacher development, technology assets and curriculum at each grade level,” said Dr. Hagstrom. “Her validation was very valuable and solidified our decisions.”

 Since then, e2e has aligned all the software products in the school to the common core standards, developing a template where teachers can plug in their criteria to get a recommendation on which digital assets best help bring their curriculum to life.

“Carrie understood our administration’s goals and then sat down with the teachers to fully determine how she could design a tool that would be most impactful for us on a day-to-day basis,” said Mary Bush Port, 4th grade team lead, Disney Magnet School. “In the end, what e2e produced for us is a great alignment tool for administrators and team leaders, while at the same time, an actionable program for teachers.”

 Most recently, e2e recognized that middle school grades had much different needs then the elementary grades and began working with the sixth to eighth grade teachers to find apps and technology that are most suitable for their curriculum.

Disney Magnet school looks forward to continuing to leverage e2e’s creative ideas and strategic thinking to help advance their mission. 



“Carrie helped me create my Guided Math block and working with her was a dream! She listened to what I wanted in my classroom and made it all come to life. My students are LOVING math now and are more engaged and taking ownership of their learning.”

- Aditi Acharya, 4th Grade Teacher, Madison Elementary School

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